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ceo - founder


Nicholas does most of his work in Pre-Production and behind the scenes. With a degree in Film Production from Georgia Southern, he is educated in every phase of the production process. He’s worked with a variety of industry standard camera brands such as: Blackmagics, Sony’s, Panasonics and Cannan’s and industry standard editing softwares such as: Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Nicholas will make sure he builds a quote that fits your budget and a script that fits your vision. With experience as a Production Coordinator he understands the care it takes to deliver a project that the client will love.

Nicholas’ passion for film started at a young age. That passion has only grown as he moves forward in life. An almost weekly visitor to his local movie theater, the wheels in his mind are always turning. And he can guarantee they’ll always be turning for you as well.

ceo - founder


Jonathan is Coley & Hochman Productions Ironman. Starting a business has always been a passion of his and now that’s achieved that, he wants to make sure it’s successful. He’s worked with a variety of industry standard camera brands such as: Blackmagics, Sony’s and Cannan’s and industry standard editing softwares such as: Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Jonathan has a passion for cinematography and editing and he will ensure your video is of the highest quality. 

Jonathan has an innate passion for cinematography, editing and learning. His dreams started out with a canon and taking pictures. Then he realized he can film on it too.

CTO - Audio Engineer


Christian, the younger brother of Jonathan, is a tech guru with a passion for all things technology-related. Currently pursuing his education at KSU, he seamlessly balances his studies while being an invaluable asset to Coley & Hochman Productions. Christian’s expertise ranges from troubleshooting minor technical issues to delving into the intricacies of audio engineering and graphics design. With his keen eye for detail and innovative mindset, he consistently contributes to the seamless execution of projects undertaken by the company. Christian’s multifaceted skill set and dedication make him an indispensable member of our team, driving us towards excellence in every endeavor.

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the start & future

Nicholas and Jonathan met at a job, which they did not love to say the least, which is not an atypical experience. However as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason and this story isn’t any different. Through this job both men discovered they share a mutual interest in film, promotional video and starting a business that can execute all these and more. But every journey has its steps.

This mutual interest began as casual conversation and nothing more. They only spoke at work and when they clocked out, so did their communication. Then one day, during one of these casual conversations Nicholas mentioned to Jonathan that he had a few un-produced scripts he had written. Jonathan asked to read one of them. The script was sent and the rest is (going to be) history. After reading it, Jonathan brought up the idea of producing it. In order to do this, communication outside of work needed to clock back in. And it did. 

With some help from family, friends and an awesome crew and cast Nicholas and Jonathan produced their first short film. And sure, there hiccups along the way, but Nicholas and Jonathan proved they had the ability to work through these together as a team.

After producing the short the film (you can find a teaser on our portfolio) both men realized they worked together pretty well. They also realized they enjoyed  working together. And given that both enjoyed the process of creating and working together, they knew they could do so much more. And they came to this conclusion via a casual conversation at work. The communication clocked-in outside of their day-to-day job. And on a near daily basis, Nicholas and Jonathan discuss how they want to ensure Coley & Hochman achieves its goals.

Nicholas and Jonathan are business partners, but most importantly they’re friends who enjoy working together and share similar long term goals. When you choose Coley & Hochman Productions you’re choosing a duo who is putting your vision first. You are choosing a duo who is constantly and consistently communicating about how to achieve their goals and about how to help the client to achieve theirs. 

So understand, while Coley & Hochman Productions is a business, we are also two people who are passionate about creating video. We are passionate about helping the client. Just like Nicholas and Jonathan enjoy working together, you will enjoy working with Coley & Hochman Productions.

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